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DevaCurl MirrorCurls

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DevaCurl MirrorCurls.jpg

DevaCurl MirrorCurls


DevaCurl MirrorCurls

Size: 1.7 fl. oz. / 50 ml

Let's reflect...This first ever, siliconefree, water-soluble, botanically infused, 99% naturally derived shine serum delivers moisture, maximum curl reflection and a shine so bright you can see your curls in it! For all curl types.

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Our silicone free moisturizing shine serum delivers maximum curl reflection.

Ingredient Highlights
Sunflower Seed, Rosemary, Hops

Complementary Products
DevaCurl No-Poo, DevaCurl One Condition, DevaCurl Mist-er Right

Styling Tips
To further polish and define curls, scrunch DevaCurl MirrorCurls to the ends of curls after applying DevaCurl Light Defining Gel or once hair has completely dried.

Suggested Use: Rub small amount in hands and scrunch evenly throughout wet or dry hair.

Recommended for Curl Types
Botticelli, Corkscrew

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