Salon Belladonna

Complete Hair & Styling Services

Located in Central New Jersey, Salon Belladonna has been providing clients with the best professional hair and spa services for over 7 years. We offer a full line of hair services, manicures, pedicures, makeup, skin care and waxing. 

Why We Love DevaCurl

Let's face it. Everyone loves curly hair. Woman spend countless dollars to achieve the soft ringlets some people were just naturally born with. If you are lucky and have curly hair, you need to treat it right. Below are the top five reasons we love DevaCurl and what it can do for woman that are lucky enough to have curly hair. 

  • Just like personalities, every curl is unique. Because deva curl is specialized in only curly hair, we get the chance to have a better understand about how our own hair works! If we are lucky enough to rock the curl we should rock it right!
  • Maintenance. Curls can take work, but having the perfect style shouldn’t be a challenge. The right cut can help keep the style of our beautiful curls a breeze
  • Healthy products equals healthy hair. Because our hair is so unique we need to maintain moisture in our hair and above keep it in tip top shape. 
  • We can explore new cuts that work for our curls. Imagine going to a salon for years getting your ‘ideal cut’ only to try a DevaCurl cut and really discovering how great your curls can really look! 
  • We can really embrace our hair. Maybe you aren’t a fan of your naturally curly hair. But, you may not be a fan because you never discovered the right cut or the right products. With a little change you might just be able to embrace your natural, perfect cur. 

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